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Introducing the camp

Tented Suites

Remote and secluded enough to allow sense of space, our 6 tented suites are tastefully decorated to blend in with the local surroundings. The tented suites are identical in size, style and amenities. Theu are positioned in such a way that they allow for mesmerizing views at sun set when they rays disappear over the copper coloured sand before the stars come out in all their awe inspiring splendor against the ink black night sky.

Desert Culinery

Our tented kitchen is connected to Mother Nature. We take extra special care to serving mouthwatering authentic meals infused with different herbs & spices that stimulate your senses. The main dining area is in the Bedouin tent, or dinner al fresco, under the canope of the stars can be arranged accoring to your preference. Breakfast is served daily on a sandstone hill by the camp overlooking the stunning landscape and mountains.

One of the most amazing experiences in Wadi Rum where guests will explore the astonishing sceneries around the desert and hike the amazing sand dunes, the canyons and the sandstone mountains.

As Bedouins call them "the ship of the desert“. Due to the importance of camels in the Bedouin day today life and culture, our guests will get the chance to be part of such experience riding on a camel hump and exploring the desert exactly the same way Bedouins do.

Discovery Bedu offers you a chance to explore the vast desert landscape of Wadi Rum from above, It is no debate that such panoramic scenery is becoming more of an international attraction, but when you enjoy such scenery while flying like a bird it becomes even more charming, we highly encourage you to try this adventurous sport and create a memory that will last for ever.

You might have tried snow boarding, but what about sand boarding? it is one of the adrenalin experiences guests can examine through practice sand skiing on the soft red sands of Wadi Rum. It is a very safe sport but you have to have the drive to board one!

Be part of the local Bedouin experience exploring the desert in their 4x4 safari like pick-up jeeps, discover clues from antiquity carved on the mountains and the fallen boulder, vestiges of human activity over several thousand years.

Nature & Wild Life
Bedouin Life
Footprint Walks

As the sun's first rays peek over the golden sands,
a promise of great adventure slowly reveals the undulating landscapes
that will astound the magic of natures magnificence...